Getting Started

I created this site last month in my WordPress training class and have been too busy to write anything in my blog. I keep trying to think up something elaborate to say as a foundation for my blog, but instead, I have been too busy trying to set up that page I made about the box of soaps I have and making little changes to the page so it looks better. If I keep delaying blog entries, I will never write anything.

It’s imperative that I use this blog and site for a true home base. Social media should not be a home base for me. This site is my own personal hermit hole. I think too much. Not all of my thoughts should be shared, but some of it can be sought out. Sometimes my thoughts aren’t important and I just want to blog about my successes and failures at gardening. Or soaps.

Anyways, I will truly try to blog more often. I’m glad I took that WordPress training because I can also use it to make my photography site better.