Memory Card at the Bottom of the Pool

I bought a cheap waterproof digital camera over a year ago. Only yesterday, I found out it wasn’t really waterproof. I originally bought it to use for a mud run. The quality was alright. I didn’t take too many pictures that day. The second time I used it was over a year ago when we went to Florida. There was a fancy pool at the hotel we stayed at. I never transferred those pictures to my computer out of sheer laziness. The camera sat in my desk since then.

We went to a friends house to go swimming yesterday, so I grabbed that camera and checked to see if the batteries still worked. I had to change them and noticed there was some battery crust when I opened the hatch. I wiped it off and put the batteries in, seemed to work just fine. I took several underwater pictures, everything seemed fine, until it wouldn’t turn back on. It ended up turning back on, but it appeared there were no more pictures on the memory card. Also, it said “memory card full” when I tried to take more pictures. I opened the battery hatch again and there was water inside! I stupidly pressed on the memory card and it ejected and flew into the pool. It landed right beneath me, and I was sitting on the ledge at the 6 foot area. I tried to get it a few times but couldn’t really see underwater and I kept floating back up. I was ready to give up and leave it there, but then I looked online and found that the memory card should be fine if it dries off and my pictures will still be there.

After half an hour, Jenson was done eating pizza and I asked him to fish the memory card out for me. I wrapped it and put it in my backpack. I tried it out when I got home and everything was fine! The pictures I took yesterday at the pool, the pictures from the pool in Florida, and there was also some pictures I forgot about from an old cell phone! I was glad I didn’t give up and leave the memory card in the pool, assuming it was ruined! I wouldn’t have had these pictures, and many others.