Too Late to Say Goodbye – Ann Rule

It took me a while longer to get through this book. This one is actually a true story and it was pretty intense! I had never heard of this case, so I went into it not knowing anything, and also played on the suspense by not peeking at the pictures in the middle section to see actual pictures of the people this book was written about. Nor did I sneak on the internet to find out anything. I was determined to read first.


It was a very interesting read. The author was very descriptive and detailed. I was so curious to see the pictures in the middle section of everyone that I plowed through the first have of the book. One thing about seeing the pictures-there was a bit of a spoiler that got blown. There was still other mysteries that had yet to be discovered, but I kind of wish I hadn’t found out the outcome of that particular thing just yet. I did put the book down for the majority of the week. I was determined to finish it this weekend, though, because I wanted to know how the rest of everything played out. I also have a lot more books to read!

I really enjoyed the part at the end when the detectives were working so relentlessly to obtain crucial evidence. It was very suspenseful. I’d like to know if there’s any good documentaries about this case, or any movies made. Very good book, very sad case.