Vacations begins in less than 24 hours!

One more work shift and the weekend begins…and the beginning of my vacation! We have the weekend to clean and pack, then we get the plane early Monday and fly to the east coast! Next week we will go to four roller coaster parks in four days! Ones that we’ve never been to! Two differed Six Flags, Busch Gardens, and Kings Dominion!

We are going to be doing a whole lot of walking and it’s supposed to be very hot. I am not looking forward to the heat there. But I am looking forward to fun times and taking a lot of pictures.

I am a bit concerned about my back, though. If I could describe the problem I am having, I’d say my arthritis is acting up again, and it’s affecting my lower back in my hip area. It’s so annoying. I haven’t even been going to the gym because if it. I can’t even get comfortable in normal positions lately. I just started taking some Naproxen, so let’s see if that helps!