Geek Love – Katherine Dunn


This book is very detailed and bizarre. I’ve been mainly seeking mystery and psychological thrillers since I started reading fictional books. A good friend of mine let me borrow this book so I figured it was worth checking out. It was hard to get into at first because there were things happening on different timelines and it took me a minute to figure out each persons nicknames to figure out who everyone was. Also, like I mentioned, it’s a very detailed book. Very descriptive. I often got lost int he details looking for the plot. I did appreciate the detail sometimes, especially when something foul was being described. It always turned out to be very funny.

Once I figured things out, I started following the plot better and it really was bizarre. I wanted to find out what happens. I’m glad I read the book! I wish they’d make a movie of it. I see it being a lot like the carnival season of American Horror Story, just less horror and more odd. Maybe more sentimental.