That Tough Mudder I did recently

If you read my last entry prior to the race I did, you’ll know I wasn’t very thrilled about racing, knowing I was concerned about my back pain and pretty much not training at all. I did the race and made the best of it, but I only did the half and not the full. There was obstacles I didn’t do. The rolling hills were a challenge. It was definitely not my best race and I’m okay with it. I am not at my best. I will revisit it when I am in less pain and can get in better shape. Here’s some pictures.


This coming Sunday, I have a Spartan Sprint with one of my closest friends that I have done Spartan Races with before, and my guy will be joining us for his first Spartan Race! I am in the same boat, physically, so I am hoping my back is feeling good this coming weekend! I know Spartan Race is very unforgiving because of a lot of the hard obstacles and penalty burpees, but of course I will do my best.