Recent Thrifting Adventure

I’ve cut down on thrift store visits a lot, but I can’t resist the Big Blue Recycling Barn! It’s a thrift store near the county landfill that used to be open a few days a year, but now it’s open once a month, nine months out of the year! I just recently found that out!

The big draw is that it’s super cheap! There’s a whole bunch of goodies there.

I wanted to point out a few things of interest.

Like this cup:

There was a lot of vasectomy swag there, and I had seen a lot of it the last time I was there, too! Fanny packs, coolers, coozies. It’s really funny. There was a lot of swag, almost like it was a huge snipping event.

This doll house:

I have zero reason to own this doll house. But it looks so custom made and sturdy, I felt it would be a fun craft project to repaint it and do some artsy stuff to it. I just wouldn’t have a clue who to give it to. I texted my friend Carma to see if her daughter was in need of one, but she said she just donated hers. It really would have made a good art project, but I really have no space for it. Oh well. I guess I probably could have sold it to someone.

A book:

I wanted this purely out of interest in the subject. But I don’t want space taken up by a big, clunky book. It would probably lay around forever before I ever got through it.

Another book:

I’ve never heard of this. The art on the front page caught my attention. The back cover mentions Lord of the Rings. But even if I wanted to check it out, it says Chronicles 2. So that means there’s one before it. I spent a moment searching about these books and that author online, and I just might have to investigate further. But not to forget I already have a ton of books I need to read at home.

What I purchased:

A laptop bag:

It’s new! How it wound up at that thrift barn is a mystery. It’s in perfect shape. I looked it up on eBay and it goes for anywhere between $70-$90! And I paid $12! That’s awesome.

A book:

This is an animal rights book I’ve never heard of. I paid about $1.50 so I am going to check it out. The previous owner underlined and circled a lot of things of interest.