Bring me Back – B.A. Paris


This is going to have spoilers.

This is both the third book released by B.A. Paris and I’ve now read all three. I finished this very quickly, it took me a couple evenings. I really grew to long for books by this author, especially after the first two. It has the psychological thriller thing going that keeps me highly interested, but there were a couple things that threw me off. This is where the spoilers come in.

The first thing is the repeated mention of the Russian dolls. It got to a point where I felt they were mentioned on every page or every paragraph. They got thrown into the mix too much.

The other thing that threw me off is the twist at the end. The girl the main character falls in love with goes missing, ten years later he meets her older sister, falls in love because he misses the younger sister. He starts getting hints that the younger may still be alive and he gets obsessed with seeing her again, so a bunch of psychological drama happens. The big reveal turns out to be that the older sister he ended up with was actually the younger sister all along. Apparently, after she disappeared, she saw her older sister killed and was mentally affected to where she took on her looks and personality. She sought out the main character and approached him as her sister and he had no idea. It was like both sisters were living in one mind and the younger sisters mind started resurfacing, wanting to reclaim him and take him from the older sister. Like a multiple personality disorder.

The concept is interesting and I enjoyed it in that way, but I feel it is so far fetched to imagine that the main character would still mistake her for being her sister, even though a decade, hair color, style, etc. had changed. Sure, someone can really change their looks, but you also notice very odd little features about the people you love, whether it be moles or shape of their toes. And no plastic surgery was mentioned in the book. So I just find it far fetched to live with someone two years and not be able to somehow recognize them after ten years, even if they purposely changed their looks. I don’t know.

Anyone have any thoughts on that?