The House of Thunder – Dean Koontz


Wow. Okay so this was my first Dean Koontz book. I know he’s popular. I have friends who are huge fans. When I did a thrift store book haul I was sure to include him as an author to try out, and I got this book. I kept thinking, “This may, or may not, be one of his better books.” I decided to get started on it the other night.

There might be kind of a spoiler here, so don’t read further.

There was definitely suspense! It started off setting a foundation for the story and then all these other little factors started coming into the picture. It played games with my mind. Is something wrong with Susan or are there evil deeds at play? I kept going back and forth with that for a long time and the suspense was building. Things started getting quite crazy and I had to know what was really happening.

When the truth was finally laid out, I was more shocked than satisfied. It was interesting that the truth was something I would have never, ever imagined. I was impressed by that. But it was also based around a topic I have little interest in, so for that reason, I didn’t find the ending satisfying. Compare it to, let’s say, a friend inviting you to a party and they’ve spent a lot of time hyping it up, and you’re really excited to go. But when you arrive, you find out it’s a football game party and you have zero interest in football. That’s how I felt. It’s the shock of the unexpected that I enjoyed, but not the theme of it. If that makes any sense.

I really liked that it was easy to read and I didn’t get lost in too much detail. I am looking forward to reading more of his books! After I finished it, I received recommendations from friends for other books of his to read! I’m excited!