A career upgrade

I’ve been working for the same company for almost thirteen years. I’ve seen many changes in the small company since I first started, and things have noticeably plummeted within the last year. The sales/customer service office has always been a bit dysfunctional. Upper management tends to hire personal friends, or befriend new hires, and to always leads to favoritism and unprofessional behavior being allowed at work.

I go to work and I just work. I stay focused and can’t be bothered with gossiping and ridiculous conversations that I have no interest in. I take my work seriously because that’s what I get paid to do. It’s unfortunate to have to do more work because other people have the luxury to socialize all day and do minimal work for their paycheck. It’s gotten worse since the beginning of the year. The numbers have dropped and the owner has been sniffing around, trying to figure out what the problem is. We lost a lot of staff so the raining staff has been cross trained in different departments and made to work harder. Most area even denied overtime, so we must work harder within our 8 hours to get everything accomplished. It was frustrating to spend 100% of my time there, putting forward all my effort to keep things running smoothly, where others are relaxed and enjoying conversation. I was often left alone in the office.

I heard that the girl who does accounts receivables found another promising job, and I immediately stated my interest in the position. Luckily, I was able to start training that same day. It was hard for me to get time to train because I would have to rely on upper management to take care of things in the office while I was training, but I was able to get enough training in by the time I would be on my own. I officially took over the position a few days ago, and I love it! I now share an office with a woman who is a bit older than me, very professional and nice, and extremely knowledgeable about accounting. She has been very helpful. I’ve been very happy and my time spent at work is much more pleasant now. It’s nice to be a team with a hard working person rather than people who don’t care if you have to pick up their slack.

From my new office, I can still hear people not doing their job and I still see our numbers dropping. Who knows what the future holds for that company. It can’t be good if dysfunctional employees are putting their personal interests above the success of the company. Either way, I am happy to have something new on my resume, should I need to find a better job elsewhere!