I need to blog more, I am paying for this!

I paid for my domain and haven’t posted a single blog in two months!

The whole idea was to slip away from sharing my thoughts on Facebook and posting them more in a contained area. I caught myself doing otherwise. 😑 So I deleted all the posts off my Facebook wall. It was time consuming. I’ve done it before and it feels refreshing. So here I am, back again.

I have some updates.

My job is going well. It can still be a challenge at times but I am so much happier that I made that switch.

My cat is doing very well!

My lower back pain is pretty much gone! ❤️ I went to a cycling class at the gym around the end of May and it magically got better that night! I couldn’t believe it, but it’s almost the end of June and my back feels almost normal again! My knees still bother me sometimes, but I’m grateful my back is doing better because the back pain caused so much issues.

My plants…I need to dedicate an entire blog post about my plants. Some have been thriving and some decided, “I don’t like that, I shall die now.”

I go on a roller coaster vacation at the end of next month, so I am excited about that!

Also, thanks to my friend Spencer’s Mom, I was gifted a huge amount of art supplies that, I guess, she decided she didn’t want because she was over her art phase. Now I want to work on art and also have friends over for art and snacks.

There are some things I’ve wanted to do but I haven’t made time for it. Like early morning hiking, for example! I need to apply my time better, that’s for sure.