Crystal Glycerin Soap Bars

Crystal Pure Glycerine Soaps

I had been pissing and moaning about how my face has been so sensitive to certain soaps lately. If I use the wrong soaps, my cheeks and nose turn red and sting. It also gets super dry when healing. It’s been getting on my nerves. Even some of my go-to soaps have been irritating my skin.

But I’ve discovered I’m safe with these Crystal Pure Glycerine Soaps! I bought a whole case of them! There’s 24 of them! I decided to review each one as I experience them!

Sunflower – It’s light and sweet! It’s like getting up early on your day off, showering, putting on a robe, and drinking hot tea on a lawn chair. ☺️

Aloe Vera – I really like this one. It lightly smells like aloe, but not in a yucky way. It has a clean, sweet scent.

Strawberry – It’s…alright. It has an alcoholic drink smell. 🤨 So basically I am washing myself with Strawberry Hill.

Lilac – I dig it. It has a distinct smell. I guess that is supposed to be lilac, but I don’t remember how lilacs smell. I’d have to do a nose-to-flower-to-bar sniff test. But it smells clean. Not bad! EDIT: Okay, next day I noticed my nose and cheeks are kind of burning and the fragrance of this soap is a bit strong. I might have to set this one to the side. 😕

Gardenia – I waited a day before writing my review on this because the last flower smelling bar snuck up on me and burned my face! This one seems safe! It does smell like Gardenias, I know and love that flower! It’s not overwhelmingly fragrant, but I think it leaves my skin smelling like it for a while after I shower. I like this bar!

Vanilla – It’s nice! It smelled more like vanilla when it was dry, but not very strong when I used it in the shower. But it’s pretty light and pleasant!

Mango – It’s not bad! Smells more like a nectarine, or a nectarine Jolly Rancher.

Baby Powder – It kinda smells like baby powder, but mostly just smells clean. It’s a pink colored bar. It’s not bad, I guess!

Lemon – It smells like a lemon cough drop mixed with lemon-scented furniture polish. I guess it washed like standard soap.

Pineapple – When I first opened the package, I smelled it and it smelled delightfully like pineapple! It was a great pineapple showering experience. After that first shower, it just became the pineapple soap. I think it was extra extravagantly pineapple on the first use because my senses were seeking the experience. But my point is, it’s a good soap.

Lavender – I’m a huge fan of lavender so I was excited to try this! It has a great lavender smell! It’s an enjoyable bar!

Coconut – I always love coconut. It has a great coconut smell, and it’s a fun bar. The more I use these soaps, the more it’s becoming a “experience the first usage and then it becomes a typical Crystal Pure Glycerine Soap” kind of thing. But I like them.

Fresh – This has a stronger smell than the rest I’ve tried so far. And it smells like a man’s deodorant. The blue kind that is almost transparent, which is funny because it’s a blue bar. I think this is more enjoyable for anyone who wants a “man’s fresh scent deodorant” smell.

Plumeria – This has a good scent, similar to the Gardenia bar, but more flowery. Maybe they used the same the same  flower base. Let’s be thankful diarrhea isn’t a flower!

Sandalwood – This is so musky. It kind of smells like nag champa. It’s one of those few bars that has smelled strong from beginning to end. The others smell fragrant in the beginning but the scent doesn’t seem too strong to me the more I use it. It’s a very masculine smelling soap.

Peppermint – It was pepperminty the first time I used it, then it just made suds.

Peach – It smelled like peach for a minute. Then it just smelled like, “Hey, I’m a glycerin soap!”

Orange – It smells like Tampico orange drink. Usage after usage. And it lathers nicely!

Carnation – Oh this definitely smells like Carnation. I really like the scent and it lathers nicely, too. Probably one of my favorites!

Tropical Rain – Hmmm this is one of those transparent pink bars, and it smells like fruit and flower, and tries to make you think of morning dew. Or maybe it’s just what the name is trying to imprint in your head. It’s a “whatever” bar.

Grapefruit – The bar smelled like grapefruit, but it doesn’t particularly stand out when being used. But it’s not a bad soap.

Original – This is a white/cream colored bar. It has some standard perfumey fragrance to it, but it’s not bad! It’s nice and sudsy!

Green Apple – I was hoping for Jolly Rancher smell, but it is a simple green apple smell. No complaints!

Rose – The bar smells like like a strong fake rose smell, but the lather smells much lighter and I imagine the scent it leaves on your skin is very subtle. Not a bad bar!

And this concludes my Crystal Pure Glycerine Soap bar reviews! I would buy a box again! Not bad for the low price! I should order one soon!