I had a job interview today.

Let me back track. Last May, I took a new position at my work. I love it. The problem is the company is always so short staffed that they focus less on having a fuller staff and more effort to make the few hardworking employees take on other work to compensate for all the work they can’t find staff for. I can multitask, but there’s only so much work you can pile on a person. I feel it’s better to take on a reasonable amount of tasks and do them at 100% then overload yourself with an outrageous amount of tasks and do them at $80. And lately I have been so overwhelmed that I can barely concentrate on my core job. It bothers me a lot, too, because I love doing a great job. I don’t mind helping with other things, but not if my core work is going to suffer.

The past two weeks were filled with a ridiculous amount of extra work due to missing staff, as well as an unusual setback that we were all affected by. I was eager to get back on track so I could catch up on my work, but something was brought to me that felt like a punch in the gut.

The owner is pushing hard for me to visit customers locally and pursue a closer business relationship with them. I was forced to do that a few years ago when I held my former position at this company. Through my experience, I learned the actual outcome of my store visits were not as productive as what he had cooked up in his head. He thinks I can drop in and the owner will be there to greet me and completely impressed with my efforts to reach out, resulting in a life long business relationship. Meeting with the owner, or main point on contact, only happened a small percent of the time. They weren’t available most of the time. Even if they were, they were busy. Furthermore, the visits didn’t result in a boost of sales. All it did was pull me out of a short staffed office and paying me to spend time ineffectively. They need to hire a full time consumer relations person who will focus on that sort of thing. And the position I have now has absolutely nothing to do with consumer relations. I feel as if he’s trying to drag me back to former duties at the expense of my current duties.

I love my new position and I don’t like the idea of him trying to force me to do something else based on his flawed ideas that his own managers don’t even agree with. I want to learn more about the position I currently have and not be pushed into a completely different ineffective duty. Furthermore, I am tired of working for a company of an owner that his own managers can’t stand. Morale always seems low throughout the whole company and I don’t see this changing.

After I received the punch in the gut last week, I looked online to see what openings  could find for the same kind of work I currently do. I sent my resume online for a could jobs, but one stood out to me. The ad didn’t focus on the experience they are looking for, but the applicants qualities and values. That is so important to me. I emailed my resume and received a call the next day. It was a message on my voice mail as well as an email. I called the lady back and told her I’d be happy to have an interview. Unfortunately, I had to call into work today to keep that interview. I felt guilty, but I have an amazing attendance record and I felt the need to make a sacrifice, take a risk.

I played out questions and answers all weekend. I overthink everything. I woke up with a headache, but a cup of coffee helped it go away. I was anxious walking into the building and meeting the interviewer, who would be my immediate superior if I get the position. I felt comfortable with her. She asked a lot of questions and I felt comfortable answering them and was able to represent myself well. There were a couple of questions I have perfect answers for, but I felt my responses were a bit fumbled because I was on the spot, but I felt I did a decent job at bringing things in the right direction the more I spoke.

A few things were said that I am clinging onto. First, I can tell she appreciates that I have the same values as those of the company. I made it clear that I am a fast learner and I thrive off feedback and constructive criticism. She asked what I felt a reasonable wage would be. I told her I noticed the starting hourly wage posted in the job ad. I told her I currently make $3 more than that, and when I took this position at my current job, I never asked for a raise. I noticed an obvious reaction of surprise from her. I told her my main interest is the opportunity. I told her if the starting wage in the ad is non-negotiable, then I would accept it, with hope that I could request more after I prove myself. She said with the experience I currently have for this position, matching my current wage would be no problem. She expressed that the applications she’s been receiving do have customer service experience, but not specific experience for the position, and I have it. I am going to hope that is a very good sign. She did mention she received a lot of resumes and joked about being ready to be done with them.

One of the final things that was asked in the interview was her asking if I’d need to put in a two week notice. I told her I’d love to say I could start tomorrow, but giving my current employer a two week notice would be the honorable thing to do. We ended by walking out of the office and her thanking me and telling me she will make a decision by the end of the week. I turned around to shake her hand and tell her I am looking forward to hearing from her before I left. I also sent her a thank you email within a few hours after getting home, but she hasn’t replied yet. All I can do is sit and wait. I could easily lose the position to someone else with more charisma who is ready to start work immediately, but I am just going to have to be patient and remember that even if I don’t get the job, that I still deserve a better job and I need to keep looking. I really do appreciate the company values they have there. I am a hard worker and deserve good.

Tomorrow I return to work. Management already knows I am frustrated there because I expressed it to a couple of them on Friday. And they can’t, and won’t, deny I have every reason to be frustrated. Hopefully they won’t want to discuss it much because all I really want to do is catch up on my work.