Back to work, feeling weird.

I went to work today and felt really weird and guilty, knowing I had an interview elsewhere yesterday. I feel like a cheating spouse with secrets. I saw two of the managers in the office as I walked through the hallway, and they greeted me. I stopped to talk because I could tell they wanted to follow up after knowing I was disgruntled Friday. They told me things were discussed and arrangements were made in my favor so I don’t have to worry about those things anymore. That made me feel a bit relieved, although I have to see for myself how things pan out.

I immediately got to work and was approached by a coworker, inviting me to try a baked good she made. She said she brought it in yesterday, but I wasn’t in, and she didn’t want to put it out until I was there so I could have some. I continued to work and try to catch up. Another coworker approached me and offered to share half of her cake with me. And another brought me a cupcake. That was three sweet treats in one day. And everyone was being rather nice. Was it a coincidence or does everyone know my pots have been boiling over at work lately?

I started feeling a little more accomplished towards the end of the day because I got a lot done, but to be honest, I still have a lot of catching up to do. Hopefully I can get that all done within the next few days and end the week on a good note. But then there’s that thing about the interview I had yesterday. I haven’t heard anything yet. I don’t know how to feel about it, but I see it as if they don’t hire me, it isn’t meant to be. But if they do hire me, a whole lot of my life is going to change and I will have to experience the horrid ordeal of breaking the news to my managers. I know they wouldn’t blame me for wanting a better opportunity. But then I am wondering if the other company will pick someone else. Maybe someone who is ready to start and not have to give a two week notice. Or maybe someone that my potential boss feels she connects with better. Who knows. What I really hope is that she doesn’t call my current employer for references, especially if she might not even hire me. That would suck for my mangers so find out about my plot that way.

I’m sure I will find out something by the end of the week. Stressful.