Search continues.

I got the email at around ten in the morning that I will not be offered the job I applied for. She wrote a nice letter, although I am sure it was just a template.

The way it was worded was, “We have concluded another candidates qualifications more closely match our qualifications.” I somehow sense she went with someone younger and, in her opinion,  easier to assert dominance on, but I suppose it doesn’t matter now. She said the person who left the position was young. Maybe she prefers that. Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be. I shall carefully continue my search.

In the meantime, I suppose things are mellow at work. It seems management understands I was getting fed up from being spread to thin and also opposed to the idea of visiting customers. Hopefully the owner stops clinging on to the idea of me being the one to do that and accepts someone else can. I still feel a strange intensity in the air at work, though. Pressure from managements unhappiness with having to deal with him. I guess for now I will keep catching up on my work and minding my own business as I always do.

In other news, I am physically feeling better today. By back is feeling good, my cycle is on it’s way out. I went to the gym after work and hope to be consistent with going. This weekend is Superbowl weekend, and we used to aim to go for a nature wander. There’s a chance we might go to Six Flags, even though it’s the shitty one. I still want to do a nature wander, but that can always be done Saturday.