Relaxing Saturday

Today has been relaxing. I woke up early but relaxed in bed, playing on my phone, without any sense of feeling rushed. We got up and went to Sactown Vegfest. I didn’t stay as long as I usually do. Instead, I quickly walked through the aisles and only looking for food rather than other merchandise.

The goodies I obtained were:

Fried Chik’n and Mac & Cheese sandwich by Compassion Meals

Vegan Conchas by Jaguar Baker

Seitan Mix by Bread Runner Kitchen

Vegan Monkey Bread by Olivier’s Vegan Bakery

I took the last three home, but I did try samples of the last two. I have tried the Conchas before and I love them!

I went home and relaxed for a while. I started watching the series called “You”. It’s interesting so far, although it’s different than what I usually watch. I have also been listening to my Elizabeth George audio book. Another about D.I. Thomas Lynley and Sargent Barbara Havers. I really like that Barbara Havers character.

It’s amazing how lazy I was feeling, but then I got up and went to the gym for a bit and did legs. I got a good workout, but should have spent more time on core. I have showered and am listening to my audio book again. I think we might go to Six Flags tomorrow, but it’s the shitty one in Vallejo.