Quarantine weekend

Well…with all the things I mentioned I could possibly do this weekend to fill time in, I didn’t actually do most of those. I kind of just loafed around and passed time away. I messed with my plants, spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I have been drinking tea with ginger and lemon, and it’s pretty tasty!

We went for a quiet walk in the neighborhood today because the weather is exceptionally wonderful. I kept looking out the window and seeing people running, walking, with or without their dogs. And it’s just so nice outside. I told my boyfriend I am going for a walk. He said he’d join but suggested we take the dogs. We walked the two Boston Terriers, dropped them off, then took Woody for a walk. It was really nice outside, and I know I keep saying that, but honesty, it was perfect.

I spent some more time indoors but I am back outside again, writing this, drinking hot tea. It’s nice to just sit here. Why do I not spend time on the porch like this? I mean, I can understand if it is mosquito weather. I can’t be around mosquitoes. But aside from that, while the weather stays this way, I need to go outside more often.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go to work and I am unsure how this week will play out. I should have plenty of work to do tomorrow and hopefully get eight hours. Things are still really uncertain with the whole virus thing. Right now there’s no estimated time for things to return to some sort of normalcy, not yet. At this point, I am not sure things will be normal again. At least not the lasting effect this will have on people. People are now seeing all the things we take for granted. And in my 47 years, I have never experienced anything like this. I suppose every one has thought about encountering some form of state of emergency, but hypothetically. But look at us now.

As I’m typing this, I still see people cycling by, walking by. I am pretty sure everyone is concerned, if not scared, and I am sure a lot of these walkers are enjoying their time out in this good weather. Probably trying to get some stress out of their system. What sounds good right now is a picnic on the lawn. Invite your friends over and let them lay their blanket out six feet away, laugh and snack from a distance. There’s a lot of poppies growing on the front lawn and I don’t want my boyfriend to mow them.

Oh, one thing I must mention is I have been listening to a lot of live streams by Marc Rebillet, who I only discovered on New Years Eve. I have seen around 6000-10,000 people watching his his live streams, commenting from all over the world. His stuff is always hilarious and mood-boosting.

Okay I am sitting on the concrete porch and my ass hurts. I should find something soft to sit on. I wish I could do some yoga out here but people will see me and I don’t want that. And the back yard is too gross to do yoga. Did I just see a mosquito? My laptop battery is getting low and I am just rambling at this point. I think I will take that apple pie from the freezer and pop it in the oven.