Waiting to learn my fate

My job interview was on the 13th which, was a Thursday, and they said they would call my work for references as early as Wednesday. I kept hearing the phone ring on Wednesday, they had no sign of anyone calling for references. Same thing Thursday. I started feeling that if they didn’t call Friday, maybe they decided not to hire me.

I checked my phone and one of my Mischa texted me to say she got an email from them with a reference check form to fill out! However, she did mention the form was one you’d send to an employer! That was odd and also got me concerned. I messaged my friend Aubrey, whose name I also added as a reference, and she had received an email from them, as well! Same form. They both filled them out as best as possible, although many of the questions didn’t apply since they weren’t my employer.

Why did they send my personal references a professional reference form? Is that just the standard form they use? Was it an accident? We went over the names of my professional references in detail during the interview and they saw a phone number was provided. But they haven’t called my employer. I’m confused and concerned.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to talk to my manager about what has happened. i’m pretty sure she will let me share her email with the recruiter. I will email the recruiter and explain that to you with my personal references notified me that they were sent a reference check form meant for an employer. I just want to be sure they have access to whatever references they need so I don’t miss out on this opportunity.