Phone Call

It reached 104 degrees today. I am grateful for good air conditioning at work. Time went by slowly at work today, but I stayed busy and had a good day. I was in good spirits.

Shortly after I got home, I relaxed on the bed with my cat, and I got a call. I got offered the job! Wow! The guy seemed really nice, he said he will be emailing me a form that I have to fill out and return to him. he said next I would have to pass a background check and then we could discuss my start date.

I feel excited, anxious, nervous, but I also feel sad. It’s going to feel weird to leave my job after 13 1/2 years. I’ve been through a lot there, and that place is quirky as hell, but I’ve been comfortable there and I’ve grown to know the people who have been there for a long time like me. I know I have offered that place my best, and now it’s time for me to offer my best elsewhere. I hope this new job will give back everything I put into it.