I went and got my fingerprints taken today and this will start the process for the background check I need to get the new job. The lady said it should take about two weeks. I guess I’m a supposed to wait until they are done and they will email me to let me know what the next step will be.

So far this year, there’s a few goals I have either accomplished or am in the process of accomplishing for myself, and there are still more goals I want to complete before the end of the year. One of them is get some tattoos removed. I have some pretty old visible tattoos on my ankles and wrists, and I’ve decided they need to go. I have some faint ones on my left hand that have already been through a laser treatment session years ago. I suppose one more session would get rid of those. Not only do those tattoos represent a past life I’m not a part of, but I want the option to look more professional and be able to hide tattoos if I want. Freeing up my ankles and wrists give me some more clothing options.

Speaking of clothing, I need to buy some “business casual” clothes. And I have no business casual style at all. All my previous casino jobs required uniforms, and the job I’ve worked at for the last 13+ years allows me to wear a t-shirt and leggings. So I’m going to have to wear business casual clothes and I am not used to that at all. I normally wear leggings and tank tops. And all the thrift stores near me are still closed due to Coronavirus! Damn.