Cooler weather is here!

It’s Fall and the weather has been much better! I am already making plans to get outdoors and take some pictures soon!

I haven’t been writing on my blog as much as I should be, and I guess you could say I’m kind of backed up right now. I went on vacation recently and haven’t written about that. I also have a lot to say about a bag of old film I never developed from about 11 to 12 years ago. I should’ve started writing about that along time ago and now I have too much to say, got to make time for that.

My birthday is also in a couple days and I really don’t have any plans, but I do have a lot to say about where I am in life now.

Here’s a picture of my cat!


Triple digits for the next few days. It’s wretched! I guess my plants like it, that’s the only good thing. But I don’t want to go outside when it’s hot. I don’t want to go to the gym after work, I subject myself to a miserable commute when I do. Not to mention all the nature I’m missing out on from hiding indoors. And I don’t want to go outside and take any pictures. No outdoor photography.

I’m writing this to remember when Autumn comes and the weather cools. I will take advantage.

Just a few plant updates

Here are a few images of what I have in my window and an Ogre Ear plant I have outside that is doing well. I have been trying to take cuttings from plants outside to grow new ones. I have a new spider plant baby growing, but I would like to obtain a variegated spider plant. My vegetable plants aren’t doing too great, some better than others. Nothing fantastic to share. The tomatoes are doing well and I haven’t seen a single tomatillo. I got more secondhand pots and have been trying to repot some plants that could use a little more space in their pots.


I finally have a Monstera Deliciosa! I wish I could say it’s going to grow big and get a lot of leaves, but there’s not much room for it. It’s in the brightest room of the house and has to be elevated so my cat does try to rub his gums on it and take bites! I had to put some bamboo sticks in it because the leaves were leaning too far to the sides. I love it, but I want it to thrive.

And then I have this stupid Monstera Andansonii that I got in March, put in water, and waited for it to root. Nothing. I waited a little longer and noticed the nodes at the bottom of the stems hadn’t changed a bit. After waiting more, I decided to stick it in soil, figuring that would make it grow faster. I started to pay attention to other plants so I wouldn’t be so impatient. A couple months went by and I said “Hmm” and gently pulled the plant out of the soil…only to see nothing! Matter of fact, the nodes seemed to have disappeared! I was about to throw the thing away, but decided to give the upper nodes a chance. I put it in water deep enough to reach the upper set of nodes, and the damn thing rooted! It’s even growing a new leaf! I am not sure how to plant it in soil now. Maybe I will have to plant it sideways or sacrifice the other leaf.

I threw a tiny arrowhead plant cutting in the glass with it for now.


Crystal Glycerin Soap Bars

Crystal Pure Glycerine Soaps

I had been pissing and moaning about how my face has been so sensitive to certain soaps lately. If I use the wrong soaps, my cheeks and nose turn red and sting. It also gets super dry when healing. It’s been getting on my nerves. Even some of my go-to soaps have been irritating my skin.

But I’ve discovered I’m safe with these Crystal Pure Glycerine Soaps! I bought a whole case of them! There’s 24 of them! I decided to review each one as I experience them!

Sunflower – It’s light and sweet! It’s like getting up early on your day off, showering, putting on a robe, and drinking hot tea on a lawn chair. ☺️

Aloe Vera – I really like this one. It lightly smells like aloe, but not in a yucky way. It has a clean, sweet scent.

Strawberry – It’s…alright. It has an alcoholic drink smell. 🤨 So basically I am washing myself with Strawberry Hill.

Lilac – I dig it. It has a distinct smell. I guess that is supposed to be lilac, but I don’t remember how lilacs smell. I’d have to do a nose-to-flower-to-bar sniff test. But it smells clean. Not bad! EDIT: Okay, next day I noticed my nose and cheeks are kind of burning and the fragrance of this soap is a bit strong. I might have to set this one to the side. 😕

Gardenia – I waited a day before writing my review on this because the last flower smelling bar snuck up on me and burned my face! This one seems safe! It does smell like Gardenias, I know and love that flower! It’s not overwhelmingly fragrant, but I think it leaves my skin smelling like it for a while after I shower. I like this bar!

Vanilla – It’s nice! It smelled more like vanilla when it was dry, but not very strong when I used it in the shower. But it’s pretty light and pleasant!

Mango – It’s not bad! Smells more like a nectarine, or a nectarine Jolly Rancher.

Baby Powder – It kinda smells like baby powder, but mostly just smells clean. It’s a pink colored bar. It’s not bad, I guess!

Lemon – It smells like a lemon cough drop mixed with lemon-scented furniture polish. I guess it washed like standard soap.

Pineapple – When I first opened the package, I smelled it and it smelled delightfully like pineapple! It was a great pineapple showering experience. After that first shower, it just became the pineapple soap. I think it was extra extravagantly pineapple on the first use because my senses were seeking the experience. But my point is, it’s a good soap.

Lavender – I’m a huge fan of lavender so I was excited to try this! It has a great lavender smell! It’s an enjoyable bar!

Coconut – I always love coconut. It has a great coconut smell, and it’s a fun bar. The more I use these soaps, the more it’s becoming a “experience the first usage and then it becomes a typical Crystal Pure Glycerine Soap” kind of thing. But I like them.

Fresh – This has a stronger smell than the rest I’ve tried so far. And it smells like a man’s deodorant. The blue kind that is almost transparent, which is funny because it’s a blue bar. I think this is more enjoyable for anyone who wants a “man’s fresh scent deodorant” smell.

Plumeria – This has a good scent, similar to the Gardenia bar, but more flowery. Maybe they used the same the same  flower base. Let’s be thankful diarrhea isn’t a flower!

Sandalwood – This is so musky. It kind of smells like nag champa. It’s one of those few bars that has smelled strong from beginning to end. The others smell fragrant in the beginning but the scent doesn’t seem too strong to me the more I use it. It’s a very masculine smelling soap.

Peppermint – It was pepperminty the first time I used it, then it just made suds.

Peach – It smelled like peach for a minute. Then it just smelled like, “Hey, I’m a glycerin soap!”

Orange – It smells like Tampico orange drink. Usage after usage. And it lathers nicely!

Carnation – Oh this definitely smells like Carnation. I really like the scent and it lathers nicely, too. Probably one of my favorites!

Tropical Rain – Hmmm this is one of those transparent pink bars, and it smells like fruit and flower, and tries to make you think of morning dew. Or maybe it’s just what the name is trying to imprint in your head. It’s a “whatever” bar.

Grapefruit – The bar smelled like grapefruit, but it doesn’t particularly stand out when being used. But it’s not a bad soap.

Original – This is a white/cream colored bar. It has some standard perfumey fragrance to it, but it’s not bad! It’s nice and sudsy!

Green Apple – I was hoping for Jolly Rancher smell, but it is a simple green apple smell. No complaints!

Rose – The bar smells like like a strong fake rose smell, but the lather smells much lighter and I imagine the scent it leaves on your skin is very subtle. Not a bad bar!

And this concludes my Crystal Pure Glycerine Soap bar reviews! I would buy a box again! Not bad for the low price! I should order one soon!


I need to blog more, I am paying for this!

I paid for my domain and haven’t posted a single blog in two months!

The whole idea was to slip away from sharing my thoughts on Facebook and posting them more in a contained area. I caught myself doing otherwise. 😑 So I deleted all the posts off my Facebook wall. It was time consuming. I’ve done it before and it feels refreshing. So here I am, back again.

I have some updates.

My job is going well. It can still be a challenge at times but I am so much happier that I made that switch.

My cat is doing very well!

My lower back pain is pretty much gone! ❤️ I went to a cycling class at the gym around the end of May and it magically got better that night! I couldn’t believe it, but it’s almost the end of June and my back feels almost normal again! My knees still bother me sometimes, but I’m grateful my back is doing better because the back pain caused so much issues.

My plants…I need to dedicate an entire blog post about my plants. Some have been thriving and some decided, “I don’t like that, I shall die now.”

I go on a roller coaster vacation at the end of next month, so I am excited about that!

Also, thanks to my friend Spencer’s Mom, I was gifted a huge amount of art supplies that, I guess, she decided she didn’t want because she was over her art phase. Now I want to work on art and also have friends over for art and snacks.

There are some things I’ve wanted to do but I haven’t made time for it. Like early morning hiking, for example! I need to apply my time better, that’s for sure.

A career upgrade

I’ve been working for the same company for almost thirteen years. I’ve seen many changes in the small company since I first started, and things have noticeably plummeted within the last year. The sales/customer service office has always been a bit dysfunctional. Upper management tends to hire personal friends, or befriend new hires, and to always leads to favoritism and unprofessional behavior being allowed at work.

I go to work and I just work. I stay focused and can’t be bothered with gossiping and ridiculous conversations that I have no interest in. I take my work seriously because that’s what I get paid to do. It’s unfortunate to have to do more work because other people have the luxury to socialize all day and do minimal work for their paycheck. It’s gotten worse since the beginning of the year. The numbers have dropped and the owner has been sniffing around, trying to figure out what the problem is. We lost a lot of staff so the raining staff has been cross trained in different departments and made to work harder. Most area even denied overtime, so we must work harder within our 8 hours to get everything accomplished. It was frustrating to spend 100% of my time there, putting forward all my effort to keep things running smoothly, where others are relaxed and enjoying conversation. I was often left alone in the office.

I heard that the girl who does accounts receivables found another promising job, and I immediately stated my interest in the position. Luckily, I was able to start training that same day. It was hard for me to get time to train because I would have to rely on upper management to take care of things in the office while I was training, but I was able to get enough training in by the time I would be on my own. I officially took over the position a few days ago, and I love it! I now share an office with a woman who is a bit older than me, very professional and nice, and extremely knowledgeable about accounting. She has been very helpful. I’ve been very happy and my time spent at work is much more pleasant now. It’s nice to be a team with a hard working person rather than people who don’t care if you have to pick up their slack.

From my new office, I can still hear people not doing their job and I still see our numbers dropping. Who knows what the future holds for that company. It can’t be good if dysfunctional employees are putting their personal interests above the success of the company. Either way, I am happy to have something new on my resume, should I need to find a better job elsewhere!