Another quarantine weekend

Another weekend indoors due to the whole Coronavirus thing. It’s rainy weather today, so I’ve been relaxing and amusing myself.

I went out front to get a little fresh air and I think I will go get some outside tomorrow. 

Things seemed a bit more stable at work this week. I worked most of my hours, and the hours I missed out on were made up with some extra commission, which was pretty sweet. I hope things continue to improve with work. Not only for myself, but for the rest of the world. 


Springtime plant situation

The weather earlier this year had indicted Spring weather would come early, but no. It started raining again on and off, and today is one of those days. I am horribly late at planting any seeds. I should have started in February, but I guess it’s not too late.

My Pothos plant is doing wonderfully. I remember when I first bought the mother plant a few years ago and thought I knew how to take care of a plant. I tried to propagate it, the mother plant died, and I was left with a few yellow vines, sitting in water filled vases. It was sad. I learned I had them in too much sun, so I finally pulled them away, reuniting the vines in dirt, and now it is beautiful.

My Monstera isn’t doing so great. It lost some leaves over the Winter and the two youngest ones in the plant still look young and soft. They aren’t darker and dense like the older leaves, and I don’t know if that’s good or not.


I was gifted a variegated corn plant (Dracaena) from a coworker but it seems the leaves have been turning brown. I’ve clipped the leaves and have tried moving it to different locations to see if the lighting situation made the plant happier. I haven’t checked it since I moved it to it’s current location and I should check it soon.

My variegated spider plant is doing well and growing a happy little runner. I’d like to use any new babies that grow to add to the main plant and make it more dense.

I am pleased to say my Monstera Adansonii is finally on its way. I bought a simple clipping a long time ago and it wouldn’t root until I got the right nodes in the water. That one clipping is now three separate pieces growing in this pot I painted, and two of the clippings have new growth!

Quarantine weekend

Well…with all the things I mentioned I could possibly do this weekend to fill time in, I didn’t actually do most of those. I kind of just loafed around and passed time away. I messed with my plants, spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I have been drinking tea with ginger and lemon, and it’s pretty tasty!

We went for a quiet walk in the neighborhood today because the weather is exceptionally wonderful. I kept looking out the window and seeing people running, walking, with or without their dogs. And it’s just so nice outside. I told my boyfriend I am going for a walk. He said he’d join but suggested we take the dogs. We walked the two Boston Terriers, dropped them off, then took Woody for a walk. It was really nice outside, and I know I keep saying that, but honesty, it was perfect.

I spent some more time indoors but I am back outside again, writing this, drinking hot tea. It’s nice to just sit here. Why do I not spend time on the porch like this? I mean, I can understand if it is mosquito weather. I can’t be around mosquitoes. But aside from that, while the weather stays this way, I need to go outside more often.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go to work and I am unsure how this week will play out. I should have plenty of work to do tomorrow and hopefully get eight hours. Things are still really uncertain with the whole virus thing. Right now there’s no estimated time for things to return to some sort of normalcy, not yet. At this point, I am not sure things will be normal again. At least not the lasting effect this will have on people. People are now seeing all the things we take for granted. And in my 47 years, I have never experienced anything like this. I suppose every one has thought about encountering some form of state of emergency, but hypothetically. But look at us now.

As I’m typing this, I still see people cycling by, walking by. I am pretty sure everyone is concerned, if not scared, and I am sure a lot of these walkers are enjoying their time out in this good weather. Probably trying to get some stress out of their system. What sounds good right now is a picnic on the lawn. Invite your friends over and let them lay their blanket out six feet away, laugh and snack from a distance. There’s a lot of poppies growing on the front lawn and I don’t want my boyfriend to mow them.

Oh, one thing I must mention is I have been listening to a lot of live streams by Marc Rebillet, who I only discovered on New Years Eve. I have seen around 6000-10,000 people watching his his live streams, commenting from all over the world. His stuff is always hilarious and mood-boosting.

Okay I am sitting on the concrete porch and my ass hurts. I should find something soft to sit on. I wish I could do some yoga out here but people will see me and I don’t want that. And the back yard is too gross to do yoga. Did I just see a mosquito? My laptop battery is getting low and I am just rambling at this point. I think I will take that apple pie from the freezer and pop it in the oven.


Coronavirus 2020!

Just last Wednesday, we went to a Kings game, only to get informed it was being cancelled when it was supposed to start. It was unbelievable. Most people were just sitting down in their seats with food and drinks only to find out there would be no game. We’d been hearing there is thing Coronavirus going around due to kids not being allowed to go to school, but this was the first day it really started hitting home.

Then the weekend came and I started learning events were getting cancelled to avoid spreading the virus. And people started buying all the toilet paper in mass hysteria. I had to take my car into the shop and new it would be expensive to get fixed, so I was fine with staying home and saving money. Plus, it also decided to act like Winter again, which I wasn’t expecting because it was already getting hot outside.

Bars started closing, and little by little, I started hearing about other businesses closing. Cafes and restaurants only making food for take out. I was reading things on social media about paranoia, but also a lot of memes. Only some of the memes were funny. Some people feel others are blowing things out of proportion, some are scared. I feel like actions made in a paranoid state have caused more of a ruckus than necessary. I think the overspending and hoarding might be a bit much, but of course if time proves it was the right thing to do, I will learn I was wrong. It’s too early to tell now and it’s making everyone a little anxious. And then gyms started closing, so there went that.

But I went to work Monday and there was a meeting that hours will be cut. Certain businesses are closing, there was talk about “staying in place”, and managers anticipate sales will drop. So I only worked five hours the next day. Yesterday I worked seven hours and there was only four of us there. I got all my work done in five hours today and left afterwards. I am lucky I get to go in at all because most of the other people that work there aren’t able to come in. I found out work is going to be closed tomorrow because Fedex isn’t stopping by to pick up any deliveries, so I am getting a three day weekend.

Currently, everyone is supposed to be staying indoors unless they have “essential” things to do, like going to work, going to the store, going to the doctor, stuff like that. We’ve been staying indoors all week after work. I don’t want to risk getting sick because I will lose work, and I’m not trying to do that. As much as I would like to spend three days off doing things like going to the gym or checking out some nature, I will be staying indoors. I originally had events I was supposed to go to this weekend, but everything got cancelled. I do like amusing myself indoors, so I am going to make the best of it.

Let’s see, indoor things:

  • I can tend to my plants. I have squash seeds I never planted because the weather has been weird. I know March is almost over. I can look over my houseplants and see if any of them need to be re-potted.
  • There’s a shit ton of drawing, painting, or crafting I can be doing. I am sure I could fill in all three days off with that alone, but I won’t. But I can invest some of my time in that, for sure.
  • Photography. Yes, I can play with my camera. Digital, film. I cam do it. I’d really like to do some film and develop it. The lighting in the house isn’t great. I can go in the front yard or the back yard. But what to take a picture of? Hmm. Maybe I can sucker my boyfriend into modeling something weird for me.
  • Video games. It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled in that. I’ve wanted to revisit Final Fantasy 9, but I never finished Legend of Dragoon. I probably won’t play video games because I will just lay in bed all day and night.
  • Exercise. I can’t go to the gym, but I can do my own workouts. But…there’s not much space. Plus there are dogs, and my cat won’t stop demanding attention unless he is sleeping. The back yard isn’t a good idea, dog shit city. Maybe I can go for a run in the neighborhood. I’ll figure something out. I did some dumbbell workouts when I got home today.
  • Reading! I have a book I need to finish that I have been lagging on. I kinda just want to set it to the side and start another book. I’ve been listening to Elizabeth George Inspector Lynley novel audio books, but that is a whole blog topic on it’s own.
  • Clean my room and get rid of things. I still need to get rid of more things I don’t use that take up space I need.
  • Fill out postcards. I have stamps and friends to send my postcards to.

That’s all I can think of for now and it’s hard to type because my cat is demanding attention now and my laptop is in the way. I guess lets see how this weekend goes with this whole quarantine and virus shit. I want a normal work week.

Latest things

Well yesterday was my cats 16th birthday. I am completely blessed to have him in my life all these years. I haven’t lived with anyone this long, not even family. I feel like time has gone by so fast. He used to be a high strung brat but now he is a sweet, gentle cat.

I know he loves his scratching boards so I replaced his old ones. I also bought him a cat grass plant and watched him gnaw away at it.

I’ve been spending more time at the gym, trying to wait patiently for results. It will probably be a long wait. I’d really like the things I used to do, that I struggle with now, to become easier.

Last weekend we got some vegan nachos and we went to Green Acres Nursery and I lost my shit there. I wanted to spend all my money on plants.



I brought home this staghorn fern, which is a planet I have been wanting for a while. I also got some seeds and a bag of bulbs, but let’s see if they sprout before I get into detail.

That’s what I get for doing a dumb thing.

Friday night we went downtown to see Ross the Boss and took an Uber so we could have a few drinks. I rarely drink. I probably had a few mimosas around New Years and nothing really since then. Maybe like a glass of wine or two. So it wasn’t a great idea to have more than a few Seven and Sevens or Jack and Cokes that night. It wasn’t enough to make me act a fool, but I was definitely silly. I did have a great time, which still would have been had if I were sober. We took the Uber home, I washed up for bed, but I don’t remember falling asleep. I do remember waking up with my cat standing on me, having a bad headache, and feeling the spins a little. I knew I messed up. I had brunch plans, so I drank some water and took a shower, trying to feel normal.

I met Terry for brunch at Mimosa House, and it was my first time there, so I didn’t know it was an extremely busy and loud place. People buzzing around everywhere and a millions conversations happening everywhere. It also felt really bright. I think my senses may have just been really overstimulated because I was hungover and still slightly spinning. Obviously, this means it’s time for me to stay away from stronger drinks. Cannot hang. I ordered one classic mimosa, a water, and most importantly, a coffee. One I had all three of these beverages, I started feeling more secure and relaxed so I could enjoy my company. It was really nice to catch up. It made me think about how I hide in my house all the time and how catching up with a good friend is always beneficial. I was so lost in conversation I was almost taken by surprise when the food arrived! It was some badly needed nutrition!

We got to go boxes because we got full half way through our meal. We talked about going home to take naps because we both had plans that evening, but we shared a mimosa sampler after we talked about how cool it would be if they had mimosa samplers and noticed they did! We walked to our cars and headed home, and I immediately took the nap I needed.

I woke up from the nap because the dog barked for no important reason. I felt like I caught up on sleep a little. I was still really full. I washed my blankets and bummed around the house, but shortly I noticed my stomach felt like it was burning inside. It was like a weird heartburn or acid reflux, but mostly a result from the hard drinks. I ended up laying on the bed with my cat.

What’s worse is I had zero appetite, so my dinner hangout with Mischa ended up getting postponed. 😕 I felt shitty and would have made miserable company. I drank hot tea and it didn’t even help.

I felt much better this morning, and also got plenty of sleep. So, again, no more hard drinks for me.

Relaxing Saturday

Today has been relaxing. I woke up early but relaxed in bed, playing on my phone, without any sense of feeling rushed. We got up and went to Sactown Vegfest. I didn’t stay as long as I usually do. Instead, I quickly walked through the aisles and only looking for food rather than other merchandise.

The goodies I obtained were:

Fried Chik’n and Mac & Cheese sandwich by Compassion Meals

Vegan Conchas by Jaguar Baker

Seitan Mix by Bread Runner Kitchen

Vegan Monkey Bread by Olivier’s Vegan Bakery

I took the last three home, but I did try samples of the last two. I have tried the Conchas before and I love them!

I went home and relaxed for a while. I started watching the series called “You”. It’s interesting so far, although it’s different than what I usually watch. I have also been listening to my Elizabeth George audio book. Another about D.I. Thomas Lynley and Sargent Barbara Havers. I really like that Barbara Havers character.

It’s amazing how lazy I was feeling, but then I got up and went to the gym for a bit and did legs. I got a good workout, but should have spent more time on core. I have showered and am listening to my audio book again. I think we might go to Six Flags tomorrow, but it’s the shitty one in Vallejo.