Ends and Beginnings

My last day at my former job landed on a Thursday. I got to say bye to everyone, but was still sad I was leaving. I felt a bit sentimental during my drive home, but quickly got into vacation mode, as we’d be leaving for Utah early the next morning.

We got up early on Friday and made the long drive to Utah. I loved how simple Interstate 80 is from Nevada to Utah. We arrived at Lagoon Park before sunset. It was amazing! Not only is it a roller coaster park, but it also has camping on the grounds! We set up our tent, made dinner, drank some watery Utah beer, and I dealt blackjack to my boyfriend for fun.

We went to ride coasters the next day and had a great time, despite the heat. The best coaster was Cannibal! There wasn’t very many people so it was easy to get on the rides! We were tired afterwards. We showered, ate, went to lay down in the tent, and somehow still slept even though 4th of July fireworks were still going on.

We drove home the next day and made it in time for me to rest before my first day of work the next day. I woke up early that morning and had plenty of time to get ready for work. My boyfriend already had the day off since that was the plan for both of us until I was given my start date with the new job. I had a nice first day of work! My desk and cubicle are huge! Everyone I met seemed nice!

Sadly, my day turned to shit once I got off work. I was walking to my car and saw I had a text from Matt, saying his favorite dog, Frankie, took a turn for the worst. He was getting old and had health issues, and Matt always feared the day would come. Apparently, Frankie couldn’t walk and he took him to the vet right away and decided it was time. I made it to the vet so I was able to be there to say goodbye. It was heartbreaking. It reminded me of when I said bye to my cat, Isis. And it hurt to see Matt’s heart break. Saying goodbye to your beloved animal is the worst. Nothing can prepare you for it.

I got through my first week of work. I really like it there. I want to learn as much as I can and offer my best. I’m excited that I signed up for my benefits and union. I’m eager to go back to work tomorrow and learn more. I will also be bringing my $5 to join the coffee club.

Today was my first time in four months that I got to go to the gym and do Body Combat! It was in the basketball court room and social distancing markers on the floor were in place. There is only room for 27 people and we didn’t even have that many. We did the class in our masks! I was so happy to be there!

Also, I sold my old car today! I hope the new owner enjoys it! I am glad I can take it off my car insurance now!

Looking forward to work tomorrow and hoping this week goes well!

Quarantine, still.

So it is now May and we are still in quarantine. When I think about how often I stay home, it’s honestly not too different from how it normally is. I’m pretty good about having enough hobbies and things to do to keep me busy at home without ever getting bored. There is always something I could be doing.

One thing that has been driving me crazy is not being able to go to the gym. I’ve been taking workout classes, and there is a few dumbbells and a barbell. The barbell has 46 pounds on it and the clips to hold the plates on are kind of stuck on there. I’m sure they could come off, but it’s a little bit too much effort for me to want to mess around with. I’m just going to have to make it work until the gyms open up again.

I have been looking after my house plants and I do believe I am at my maximum capacity. I barely have any room, and I should also just really take care of what I have. There is an exception, I do want to buy some outdoor plants to decorate the yard. I have been thinking about roses.

I finally started planting some vegetables outside. Hopefully they will do really well with the new soil that I bought. Here are the seedlings I have…I’ve planted about half of them and I still have more to go.

I think I’m going to save up for a down payment on a car. I could use credit card, but I would rather just save the money and put some money down. My car has been a little bit sketchy as of recently. I took it in to get some work done, but it seems like my check engine light randomly turns on and I hate wondering if it’s something serious or if it’s just being sensitive and turning on for any stupid reason. I got a new tire today in the stupid light turned on when I started my car. That doesn’t even make any sense. I might just except having a car payment to get something newer that I don’t have to worry about for a long time to come. So that some thing I’m definitely going to be working towards.

Two gym memberships

I’ve been a member of 24 Hour Fitness for several years, but as if 2016, the closest one I live to is the location Downtown. Despite it being on of the larger gyms, it gets ridiculously packed during peak hours, and that’s usually what time I go, shortly after work! It’s hard to find weights and equipment available, and if you do, there’s usually someone lingering around waiting to use them.

Another thing that makes it a hassle is the parking. It’s hard to find parking downtown and the designated parking area for the gym is the parking structure next door. It’s two levels and can be very hard to find parking during peak hours. I’ve driven around for twenty minutes looking for parking a few times.

The gym is also in the same area as Golden 1 Arena! If there’s an event there, it gets even more packed and the traffic in that area is awful! The combination of this hassle would discourage me from going to the gym. Especially on days where I was already lacking motivation.

What even keeps me at that gym?! The Les Mills/Group X instructors!! I’m not leaving that gym because of them and their classes! Body Combat, Body Pump, Yoga, Grit, Cycle! They also have Turbo Kick, but I suck at it. I should try it more often.

But I did discover there’s a new Planet Fitness just a couple minutes from where I live, and it’s only $10 a month! I signed up! I’ve been a few times and it wasn’t packed, so it was easy to use the equipment I want!

The only downsides is they don’t have any loose Olympic bars. I guess their theme is to make the gym comfortable for everyone so they don’t encourage meatheads lifting a million pounds, groaning, and slamming weights on the ground. I get it…it can be annoying.

They have Smith machines, instead. I don’t like using Smith machines for squats because I can’t get the form I want and it feels awkward. But I don’t mind doing lunges with it. I can still do plenty of workouts with what they do have there, so it’s a win for me! I like that I can get a decent workout during the hours I’m most likely to want to work out, and it’s super close to home!

Well that was short lived

I recently posted about the positive outlook on possibly returning to the gym without my back hurting as much, but I have been disappointed. I did something for work that required me to stand on a hard floor for four hours straight, and my back started to die about halfway in. It was very frustrating. It was like the pain was telling me not to get too brave because it’s not going away any time soon. It felt a bit better later, so I decided to do  Body Combat class that evening, but just modifying the moves to protect by back from any more strain. That was Thursday night and my back hurt the whole weekend.

I kept thinking I need to go back to the gym. I went to the gym three times within a week and didn’t want to lose the work I put in by backing away from going. My back was hurting on Tuesday, but again, I bargained with myself, thinking I could just go and do my best while moving cautiously to protect my painful areas. My back hurt the whole time and it was very angry when I got home. I even had to ice it. Today is a special Valentine’s Day Body Combat class that I really want to attend, but I feel myself getting pushed behind that fear of pain wall that is stopping me from going. It’s so annoying.

I’m not ready to go back to the physical therapist again. I have very little faith that they are actually even helpful. From my experience, all they seem to do is guess what’s wrong and use the least amount of their resources possible, and then have you do little stretches that don’t even work.

Day one of many?

After like two months of no gym, due to my back and stupid body hurting, I finally went to the gym! Yep, first time this year! I went almost a year with my back hurting almost every day, so I have been very reluctant to go to the gym even though it’s been feeling decent recently. Can I just enjoy being mostly painless for just a little while? Well I know I needed to return soon so I can get back to where I want to be. I started off today with a tiny bit of elliptical and a 30 minute Body Combat class. Lisa picked harder tracks to fill that 30 minutes, so it was a challenge. I feel so much heavier now. That extra weight sucks. But hopefully I can return to the gym painlessly to help lose some of the extra pounds. If I feel good tomorrow, I’ll go to the gym again!