Plants: Coleus – An Experiment!

It’s been almost a month since my last post about my Coleus plants, and they’ve gotten big! Very “leggy”, so be honest! I figured I could just keep letting them grow and see how tall they get, but I heard they will grow more leaves and become fuller if I trim them! I also didn’t want to risk ruining my plants, so I tried it on one.

The plant I tried it on only had three separate stems, so I clipped them and saved the clippings to put in water and let them root. I kept wondering if I made a mistake because I saw a bubble of liquid appear at the tops there I clipped, but I figured I would just wait and see what happened.

I am pretty sure I checked it every single day and noticed the tiny little buds, which appear to be these new leaves growing, so this makes me happy! And the clippings have also grown roots. I might plant them in this same pot so I can get a bushier plant!

I still have two other plants. I might might trim down the thinner one, just as I have to this plant. As for the fuller one, I might give that to a friend!

I still have some Coleus outside that are doing mediocre in comparison to the ones I have indoors in the window. I’m glad I’m having success with Coleus!

Plants: Coleus

I transplanted some of my baby Coleus to slightly bigger pots. Sadly, I think they were placed in an area that was too hot. It appeared the stem was dried out right where it met the dirt. Was the dirt too hot and drying the stem out?

I asked a few people in my online plant group, they suggested snipping the stems and placing them in water so they can grow new roots. They look pretty nice now! 🤗 I’m afraid to put them in dirt again because I might ruin them!

Plants: Zinnia

My boyfriend found this poor crunchy Zinnia plant. I don’t know if there’s any hope for it, but I trimmed off all the crispy leaves and all that’s left of this soft stem that’s still alive!









Update: 6/19/18 – I checked it today…I really don’t think it’s gonna make it. I tried. 😞