Growing veggies!


I bought some starter plants recently and they’re starting to take off!

I have three different sections. The peppers are on the left. The front is Poblano. Then I have three buckets of jalapenos. The very back is an older Serrano plant from two years ago that is still alive, but not doing that great.

The middle section is tomato things. There’s Lemon Boy, Golden Jubilee, Patio Hybrid, and Tomatillo.

The right side has squash! Green zucchini, yellow crookneck, and patty pan! I decided to put the patty pan in the biggest bucket, I don’t know why! 😁

I hope these do really well!

A risky Pothos decision

I bought a Pothos plant like a couple years ago. The mother plant has died since then and I have been trying to get the clippings to thrive since then. And doing a shitty job of it. I had some clippings sitting pathetically in glass vases filled with water. They were in the window, probably getting too much sun. They were light green and not really growing. I decided to pull them back onto the counter, and they started doing much better. I decided to remove them from water and plant them in soil. I put them all in a pot. They’ve been doing better since then. They’re green and get new growth, but nothing like the mother plant was when I brought it back from the store.

It’s Winter and I assume it would grow faster in hotter weather. But there is one particular vine that grew a bit long to the point where it was hanging off the side of the pot. I have it on the kitchen counter and there’s not too much room, so I wondered what would happen if I trimmed that vine and put it in water so it can grow roots, then plant it back into the soil of that pot to make the plant look fuller. I thought about it for a few months and finally decided to do it! And I really hope I didn’t make a bad choice! I am not an expert about exactly where I should be cutting the vine!

As you can see in the pictures, the stump the is left from where I cut is all leaky and unhappy. I hope it will heal and that piece will still create new growth. The new clipping has new growth on it, too, so hopefully I didn’t totally ruin that vines chance at becoming something great. I’d like to think that Pothos is a resilient plant, but I’ve only known it to seem like it’s looking for any excuse to fail. Boo.

Plants: Coleus – Plant Gifting!

Since I learned how to trim my Coleus plants, put the clippings in water, then add them into a bigger pot with the original plant…I gave one to my friend!

I repotted it so she could see and be able to try it out on her own. She’s started a nice little plant collection so I’m happy she can add this one in! 😊

Plants: Coleus – An Experiment!

It’s been almost a month since my last post about my Coleus plants, and they’ve gotten big! Very “leggy”, so be honest! I figured I could just keep letting them grow and see how tall they get, but I heard they will grow more leaves and become fuller if I trim them! I also didn’t want to risk ruining my plants, so I tried it on one.

The plant I tried it on only had three separate stems, so I clipped them and saved the clippings to put in water and let them root. I kept wondering if I made a mistake because I saw a bubble of liquid appear at the tops there I clipped, but I figured I would just wait and see what happened.

I am pretty sure I checked it every single day and noticed the tiny little buds, which appear to be these new leaves growing, so this makes me happy! And the clippings have also grown roots. I might plant them in this same pot so I can get a bushier plant!

I still have two other plants. I might might trim down the thinner one, just as I have to this plant. As for the fuller one, I might give that to a friend!

I still have some Coleus outside that are doing mediocre in comparison to the ones I have indoors in the window. I’m glad I’m having success with Coleus!