Why I like Tumblr

I joined Tumblr years ago. I liked the idea that you could make posts without encouragement of conversation about it, unlike Facebook. With Facebook, it seems every post is an open door for comments, and I don’t always find that necessary.

Tumblr is good for posting pictures. When Instagram came along, I quickly navigated to that to post pictures. It seems Tumblr has fallen back in popularity and mostly swarming with trendy teen topics and people advertising their premium Snapchat accounts. But there’s still plenty of people who use it to blog. There are blogs that are dedicated to particular subjects and people who go there to enjoy them.
I would say the following are the biggest drawing points for Tumblr:

  • It’s a simple, user-friendly blogging platform. You can make posts and reblog posts you like. You can even “heart” a post to save it to a list of posts you’ve “hearted” to revisit any time you like.
  • There is a huge absence of censorship compared to Facebook and Instagram. Both sites are known to delete images that they find inappropriate or have been reported by someone else. I’ll come across a little outcry about censorship on Tumblr every once in a great while, but very rarely. And it’s nothing at all like Facebook and Instagram.
  • There really is a huge database available for whatever you nerd out about. I like to look at images of nature, house plants, old art, photography, cabins, cats, art journals, etc. It provides comforting aesthetics, as well as interesting information.

I know Tumblr isn’t appealing to everyone, but of course I will still use it for all these reasons I still enjoy it. It’s a place of amusement and neat things to look at.

Joyful Teufel – Tumblr

Handwriting: The Lost Art

I find it rare to see anything handwritten anymore. Everything is a character on a screen. I remember being a kid and my teacher complained to my Dad that my writing was barely legible. He made me spend an hour writing everyday until it got better. When I was a teenager, I even practiced fancy handwriting and took pride in how cool it looked.

But it seems typing has replaced writing, except in situations where you have no choice, like at work. And thanks to my job, I’ve settled into the habit of scribbling everything because time is of the essence.

I find it so rare to see a persons handwriting these days that it feels like seeing a unique part of them. It’s as if you’ve seen their fingerprints or they’ve done a drawing for you. I don’t want the value of this to be lost. I recently found an old, but small, collection of postcards yesterday. I’m going to see if any of my friends would like a postcard. 😊

Getting Started

I created this site last month in my WordPress training class and have been too busy to write anything in my blog. I keep trying to think up something elaborate to say as a foundation for my blog, but instead, I have been too busy trying to set up that page I made about the box of soaps I have and making little changes to the page so it looks better. If I keep delaying blog entries, I will never write anything.

It’s imperative that I use this blog and site for a true home base. Social media should not be a home base for me. This site is my own personal hermit hole. I think too much. Not all of my thoughts should be shared, but some of it can be sought out. Sometimes my thoughts aren’t important and I just want to blog about my successes and failures at gardening. Or soaps.

Anyways, I will truly try to blog more often. I’m glad I took that WordPress training because I can also use it to make my photography site better.