Monks Cafe – Flemish Sour Ale

Although I only worked six hours yesterday, Friday, it was an annoying shift. I had a long week and frustrating things kept happening. I clocked out, jumped into my car, and headed straight home to be an antisocial recluse. But something told me to stop by the house to grab my book and head to Jack Rabbit Brewery and have one of those delicious Sour Habit beers.

It wasn’t open for another hour. Same with Yolo Brew. I decided to go to Nugget Market and seek a sour beer. I found this and gave it a shot.

It’s not bad. I couldn’t tell if it’s salty or sweet. It’s not as good as Sour Wench, but it’s much better than any beer that is not a sour beer! 😂

Sour Beers

I recently took a liking to sour beers. It was during the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge in October that we got on some Jump bikes and ventured downtown for some vegan food. We went to a brewery and I was in the rare mood to try a beer. I have always hated beer. I grew up on the cheapest shit possible, I’m talking Bud and Coors. Piss beer. Beer that tastes like piss water, so why even bother. I never drank it for the taste, only the buzz. So since I hated beer, I figured I’d just stick to stuff that does the trick, such as Rum and Coke and stuff like that. But after several years of drinking to adapt to social settings, I decided not to do it anymore. If I have to be sober and awkward around people. so be it. Too bad for them. I barely drank anymore at all, and I wouldn’t catch a buzz, especially not in public. The idea of being drunk around strangers is very unappealing to me.

But let’s go back to that day I was riding the jump bike. We went to two more breweries that day and the last one had an amazing sour beer. I wrote about it in my last entry! It’s Sour Habit from Jack Rabbit Brewery! Last night was New Years Eve and we decided to stay indoors. We went to a beer store and I bought some of this Ballast Point Sour Wench! It was so tasty! Reminded me of a wine beer! I think I only drank two of them and then got really tired from being cold and eating too much, and just being tired in general. I started off my New Year being tired and crotchety. Oh well, fuck it!



Holiday Weekend

I’m on the fourth day of my holiday weekend and I return to work tomorrow. I did a little bit of what I wanted to on these days off, but I kind of wish I could have done a little more.

I wanted to go ride Jump bikes to a brewery the other day, but it rained so we drove there instead. I used to not like beer at all, ever. I guess I thought there wasn’t much life past Coors or PBR. I just never cared to explore beer. My go to drink was always 7&7 or Jack and Coke. And then I went through a period of not even wanting to drink. My main thing about not wanting to drink lies in my not wanting to me impaired in public. I like to keep my composure and be alert to my surroundings. My appreciation for a decent beer only started a few months ago. I know I am late in the game, but I am not going to whine about it. Alcohol is too petty for me to whine over. I do like sour beers, like this Sour Habit.

I’d like to have gone to the river. I get another four days off next weekend, I’ll be sure to do that. But it sucks that it’s already Winter and I didn’t exactly get to enjoy Fall outdoors.

I went to see a physical therapist about my back pain recently. He said I have an anterior pelvic tilt and showed me certain stretches to do. He said to go see him again in a month. I somehow feel the stretches aren’t even going to work and I am still going to have the pain. We’ll see, but I’m not feeling optimistic. Either way, I should add yoga to the equation.

I succeeded in not doing much for Christmas, a holiday I don’t care to celebrate. If anything, I would like for it to be a holiday where I stay indoors and celebrate the option to enjoy my own personal space.

We didn’t do girls for each other this year. We both seemed very uninterested. I did propose we both buy a new pan for the house, so we bought this two pan set. The other pans were old, and things stuck to them most of the time, which is annoying. I’ve cookies a few meals so far and it’s like luxury cooking! Now if I can just keep these in good shape.

Last time we got a $50 pan that things started sticking after a few months and it was very annoying. I took good care if it, too. Piece of garbage.

Again, I feel like my four day weekend could have been better. I hope next weekend is, for sure.