Cooler weather is here!

It’s Fall and the weather has been much better! I am already making plans to get outdoors and take some pictures soon!

I haven’t been writing on my blog as much as I should be, and I guess you could say I’m kind of backed up right now. I went on vacation recently and haven’t written about that. I also have a lot to say about a bag of old film I never developed from about 11 to 12 years ago. I should’ve started writing about that along time ago and now I have too much to say, got to make time for that.

My birthday is also in a couple days and I really don’t have any plans, but I do have a lot to say about where I am in life now.

Here’s a picture of my cat!

Why I like Tumblr

I joined Tumblr years ago. I liked the idea that you could make posts without encouragement of conversation about it, unlike Facebook. With Facebook, it seems every post is an open door for comments, and I don’t always find that necessary.

Tumblr is good for posting pictures. When Instagram came along, I quickly navigated to that to post pictures. It seems Tumblr has fallen back in popularity and mostly swarming with trendy teen topics and people advertising their premium Snapchat accounts. But there’s still plenty of people who use it to blog. There are blogs that are dedicated to particular subjects and people who go there to enjoy them.
I would say the following are the biggest drawing points for Tumblr:

  • It’s a simple, user-friendly blogging platform. You can make posts and reblog posts you like. You can even “heart” a post to save it to a list of posts you’ve “hearted” to revisit any time you like.
  • There is a huge absence of censorship compared to Facebook and Instagram. Both sites are known to delete images that they find inappropriate or have been reported by someone else. I’ll come across a little outcry about censorship on Tumblr every once in a great while, but very rarely. And it’s nothing at all like Facebook and Instagram.
  • There really is a huge database available for whatever you nerd out about. I like to look at images of nature, house plants, old art, photography, cabins, cats, art journals, etc. It provides comforting aesthetics, as well as interesting information.

I know Tumblr isn’t appealing to everyone, but of course I will still use it for all these reasons I still enjoy it. It’s a place of amusement and neat things to look at.

Joyful Teufel – Tumblr