1 Cat, 3 Dogs


I have a 14 year old cat named Cooter. He has his own room where he can be crotchety and skittish in peace. I go in the room and spend time with him, but he normally hangs out near the window and watches what’s going on outside. That window faces the side of the neighbors house where she grows a bunch of plants, including nice flowers. He comes out of the room sometimes, but in short spurts. He spend most of his years not being around dogs, so I figured he would feel uncomfortable being forced to be around my boyfriends three dogs. He has two Boston Terriers named Frankie and Delilah.

Frankie is 10 and has long face flaps. He looks like he should be wearing a top hat with a monocle. Or maybe a dog version of an old heavyset man in a blues band. Most of the time he moves around slowly, begs for food, and snorts and farts a lot. Delilah is 8 and missing a few screws. Her breath smells like a dumpster. You can usually find her laying around, licking the couch, snorting and farting, and making her rounds in the house to steal from all the other dogs food dishes.

The third dog is Woody. He is some sort of weird chihuahua mix. My boyfriend inherited Woody from his Dad. He doesn’t know exactly how old Woody is, but he is pretty much blind in one eye, almost deaf, and is missing most of his teeth. His breath stunk badly because his teeth were decaying, and eventually he would yelp when he tried to eat kibble. My boyfriend paid to get most of his teeth pulled and that fixed his breath, but now his tongue is almost always hanging out. Sometimes it feels all dry like an earth worm that’s been sitting out in the sun. Woody has also lost his ability to jump on the bed. One can only guess he has doggie arthritis now. He sometimes likes to get away with peeing in the house, so extra measures must be taken to prevent that from happening.

This picture was taken on a day where Cooter came out of the room and all dogs were in the living room. How they all happened to be perfectly spaced out and looking at the camera is both a mystery and a miracle. Plus, Cooter was meowing. And yes, the coffee table is a mess.