Waiting to learn my fate

My job interview was on the 13th which, was a Thursday, and they said they would call my work for references as early as Wednesday. I kept hearing the phone ring on Wednesday, they had no sign of anyone calling for references. Same thing Thursday. I started feeling that if they didn’t call Friday, maybe they decided not to hire me.

I checked my phone and one of my Mischa texted me to say she got an email from them with a reference check form to fill out! However, she did mention the form was one you’d send to an employer! That was odd and also got me concerned. I messaged my friend Aubrey, whose name I also added as a reference, and she had received an email from them, as well! Same form. They both filled them out as best as possible, although many of the questions didn’t apply since they weren’t my employer.

Why did they send my personal references a professional reference form? Is that just the standard form they use? Was it an accident? We went over the names of my professional references in detail during the interview and they saw a phone number was provided. But they haven’t called my employer. I’m confused and concerned.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to talk to my manager about what has happened. i’m pretty sure she will let me share her email with the recruiter. I will email the recruiter and explain that to you with my personal references notified me that they were sent a reference check form meant for an employer. I just want to be sure they have access to whatever references they need so I don’t miss out on this opportunity.

A chance for something better.

We are still in quarantine, but things have been loosening up a wee bit. People are starting to get used to things, find their wiggle room, and adjust. My hours at work have been normal again. Sales aren’t up much, but we have our hours.

Things were looking bad at the end of March. That’s when they said they’d have to cut hours. Some people got laid off, some people left to get unemployment. I decided to wait it out. Things looked bad because we lost our entire sales staff and, apparently, the owner decided the customers don’t need to be called for orders. He said we can take their incoming calls of they want to order. So I did my accounting work as well as answer phones. The sales were awful and it really wasn’t work even staying open.

I remember March 27th, I was sitting on the bed that evening, looking around online to see what other jobs might be available. I went to a government county job website and took an online exam, hoping to get a good score and get put on a list for available jobs. And then I forgot about it. Meanwhile, I heard via some gossip at work that management decided we needed to start calling the customers for orders or management would get their pay cut due to slow sales. So I helped with the calls. Our numbers went up and we got more hours. Our sales aren’t like normal, but they’re enough to keep the place open. Sadly, my accounting percentage is bad because a lot of places can’t pay us now. But this goes along with the times.

I did see an email very early in April that I got a 90% on that exam I took. The email said they’d contact me when there is an opening and my name will stay on the eligible list for a year. I was happy with the score! As things got better at work, I forgot about all of this. On Friday, May 8th, I received an email that a position is open and was invited to email my resume and write a page about what excellent customer service and public service means to me. I emailed those things a couple days later. On Tuesday the 12th, I received an email notifying me of an opportunity for an interview on Thursday the 14th. I was happy about it, but knew I would have to call in to work that day. I don’t like calling in, but I felt lucky to get that interview!

I called in, as planned, dressed casual and comfortable, and went to the interview with no intentions on overthinking anything. I wanted to just feel natural and be myself. I was led into a training room and took a short personality assessment quiz and a computer comprehension quiz. Everything was easy, but I was amazed at how easy it is to second guess yourself under pressure. The same guy that led me to the desk where I’d take the quizzes brought me further into the building for the interview. He was really nice. He told me there would be two people interviewing me, and I could hear two women talking as I approached the room. The ladies saw him before they saw me, and both very happily said, “HI!!!!”, and I walked in the room a second later with a big smile as if the exciting “HI!!!!” was for me. It was the fuel I needed to give off a cheery first impression. We greeted each other and I sat before them, then they started talking. They looked as if they were in their mid to late 50s and seemed very casual.

The ladies casually jabbered a lot, which made me feel very comfortable. They told me there are 15 positions open and multiple locations in the area. There were three laminated pages before me, which they pointed out to contain the interview questions. They said they’d ask me the questions but the pages would be there in case I forgot what was being asked. I decided it’s best to just answer the questions as they ask. Of course, they asked me to tell them about myself, so I spoke about myself professionally. They seemed pleased, and took notes as a wrote. One of the ladies said, “Wait, let me write that last part down, I liked that.” They pointed out that a lot of what I said answered a few of the other questions on the list. I answered a few more questions with ease and was really enjoying the vibe with the two ladies. I was still slightly anxious, but I didn’t choke and was able to speak eloquently about my ability to do the job I was being interviewed for.

They looked at my professional references, which is my management team at work. I asked if I would be notified before they are called. One of the ladies said they wouldn’t notify me first, but told me I should let my managers know that they will be calling this coming week. The other lady said, “Yes! Tell them you got interviewed for a certified government position!” and continued on about what to tell my current management. It’s almost as if she wanted to convince me I should be excited about a better opportunity. Was that her way of saying they want to bring me aboard?? I smiled and said I will tell my management to expect their call. The other woman started talking about the great benefits and spent about 5 minutes talking about the best way to use your vacation hours and overtime to your advantage so you get more out of it. That also got my attention. Why would she talk to me about the best way use my vacation hours if it wouldn’t be relevant to me? I hope it’s because they plan on bringing me aboard. Although they did mention the hiring process does take a little while.

I answered more questions with ease, and then I had the chance to ask them questions, so we moved forward asking each other questions. It went well. I asked about the work culture and they explained it has been worse in the past but they started hiring the right people…and one lady gestured towards me with her hands and said, “Like yourself.” and smiled. I sure hope she didn’t refer to me as the right type of person to hire if they’re not planning on hiring me, I would feel so played! I asked more questions about the hiring process before the interview went to a close. As I left, I explained it didn’t even feel like an interview, it was fun! One lady walked me out and I walked to my car, feeling like it couldn’t have gone any better.

My next big issue would be going to work the next day, knowing damn well I would have to tell my management why I really called in. I stressed pretty badly about it and felt like a dirty traitor, but the truth is my current job can’t even compare to a government job. Any fool would jump at the chance to seize this opportunity. I went to work and spilled the beans about what I did and why. Management completely understood and said they support me and will give great references. I would be confused if they didn’t because I have been a great employee every day for all these years. I give my best every day and make sure my work ethics are noticed. It felt relieving that my management understood. Plus, the main manager said there’s nowhere for me to move up in the company anymore and I need to think about my future. In all honestly, that company isn’t on sturdy grounds. The owner doesn’t know what he’s doing.

So now I sit and wait. They said they’d call my management for references this week. They sounded so certain they will do so that I guess it’s safe for me to expect them to call. Maybe management will let me know if they have. And then I wait to see if they call to let me know I got the job. I imagine they will simply email me to let me know I wasn’t chosen, if that is the case. But I would like the job. I decided I’m not gonna dwell on it and just continue to work as usual. I will just let fate decide. If they are able to clearly see the capability in me, then they’ll make the right decision. I’m worthy, whether they pick me or not.