Handwriting: The Lost Art

I find it rare to see anything handwritten anymore. Everything is a character on a screen. I remember being a kid and my teacher complained to my Dad that my writing was barely legible. He made me spend an hour writing everyday until it got better. When I was a teenager, I even practiced fancy handwriting and took pride in how cool it looked.

But it seems typing has replaced writing, except in situations where you have no choice, like at work. And thanks to my job, I’ve settled into the habit of scribbling everything because time is of the essence.

I find it so rare to see a persons handwriting these days that it feels like seeing a unique part of them. It’s as if you’ve seen their fingerprints or they’ve done a drawing for you. I don’t want the value of this to be lost. I recently found an old, but small, collection of postcards yesterday. I’m going to see if any of my friends would like a postcard. 😊