Spartan Race

I never wrote about that last Spartan Race I did, so I will do that now.

I knew I would have a rough time due to all I’ve been through this year with my physical setbacks, but I did even worse than I imagined. I wanted to quit before I even reached the first mile. I felt so out of shape, nothing like I’ve ever felt before during a race. The worst shape I have ever been in for a race. Mischa wouldn’t let me quit and offered to go at my pace, which was slow. I felt really awful about myself and just made the best of it. We still had fun, but I allowed myself to take it easy. I decided not to register for any more races until my body is acting normal again.

That Tough Mudder I did recently

If you read my last entry prior to the race I did, you’ll know I wasn’t very thrilled about racing, knowing I was concerned about my back pain and pretty much not training at all. I did the race and made the best of it, but I only did the half and not the full. There was obstacles I didn’t do. The rolling hills were a challenge. It was definitely not my best race and I’m okay with it. I am not at my best. I will revisit it when I am in less pain and can get in better shape. Here’s some pictures.


This coming Sunday, I have a Spartan Sprint with one of my closest friends that I have done Spartan Races with before, and my guy will be joining us for his first Spartan Race! I am in the same boat, physically, so I am hoping my back is feeling good this coming weekend! I know Spartan Race is very unforgiving because of a lot of the hard obstacles and penalty burpees, but of course I will do my best.

Tough Mudder 2018

I’m doing Tough Mudder on Sunday! I’m both excited and concerned.

tough mudder 2018

I did my first TM in Spring of last year. It was Tough Mudder Half. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to try a Full race. I volunteered the next day to get a sweet discounted registration. I was supposed to do the Full race a year ago, but it was postponed, due to the awful fires in that area.

At that time, my fitness level was declining because I had been dealing with some abdominal pain issues and it was getting in the way of my training. I ended up getting laparoscopic surgery earlier this year to remove a couple cysts. I lost an ovary and my tubes. The cysts had low malignant potential so they had to go. After I healed from my surgery, I thought I’d be ready to jump back into my training, but I lost a lot of motivation. I think part of it is because I cant do things I used to be able to do when I was training a lot harder. I lost strength and endurance during that time I was nursing pain and focusing on my well being.

It wasn’t only the surgery. This year I had one molar extracted and a root canal on another molar. I kept getting recurring toothaches for both those teeth and tooth pain is way too miserable for me to want to push myself at the gym. I finally got both those teeth dealt with, so this year so far I have gotten rid of a tooth, a nerve, an ovary, and my tubes. All of them were causing me pain and hindering my performance.

There’s one more things that has been causing me pain and I haven’t quite figured out how to deal with it. (Yes, being in my mid 40’s has brought some changes. It wasn’t too long ago that I was wondering why I even pay medical insurance because I never even need to go to the doctor. Well, that changed.) Anyways, I also have arthritis. Sometimes my joints ache in certain areas. It comes and goes in different areas. Sometimes it leaves me alone for a while, and sometimes it stays for a few months. I first experienced it in my hands. One time it affected my feet really bad and the doctor said I probably have plantar fasciitis. But they ended up feeling better after a few months. My latest issue is my lower back. My joints ache and I have pain in my lower back and hip areas. I often feel like I need to pop my lower back. It’s annoying. I haven’t been wanting to lift weights or do any jumping. Sometimes I have good days and I’ll go to the gym, but I have that fear that I am going to annoy my back even further. With that being said, I have not trained properly for this race.

I’m just gonna do the race and be cautious, try to make the best of it. If I can’t do something, or shouldn’t do something, then I won’t. If I end up running a “Weak Mudder” race, then I will just end up doing the race again one day when I am in a better physical position to accept a greater challenge. That’s the best I can do. I hope I surprise myself this weekend without suffering after.