Social Media 2020

I always get annoyed by social media, but this year is especially annoying. Yes, I am complaining.

People flipping out over everything involving Covid, people being assholes over making excuses about not supporting the fight against injustice against the oppressed, people looking to argue about politics in full arrogance. So much pointing fingers and so many people trying to put themselves on a higher tier than everyone else.

The Covid thing…people have been arguing over it from the beginning, fighting over masks and poorly adapting to how the world is now changing, just because they want to be ignorant and selfish. The whole quarantine didn’t affect me much because I like staying home, anyways. I do miss the gym and I miss shows, but that’s about it.

Black Lives Matter. I don’t understand how people aren’t getting the concept of this. Maybe they don’t want to get the concept because they don’t want to support it. I am someone who has always had a place in my heart for those who are oppressed, and I can’t stand hearing people grasp for excuses to continue accepting injustice. It’s disgusting to see how many people are revealing ugly sides of themselves right now. You really can’t look at them the same afterwards. But I am not going to stress over anyone I lose respect for. I prefer to have people in my life who believe in acting with kindness. There is a lot of injustice going on in this world right now. Black people being killed by cops, trans people being killed, femicide in Turkey and other countries, children being detained and sexually assaulted, sex trafficking…the list goes in. All of it is so ugly and weighs so heavily that sometimes it’s hard to see what is right in this world. And people are fighting about politics, but I can say Fuck that Cheeto-ass mother fucker, since this is my blog. He’s fucking disgusting. It’s not a surprise that most people who support him, I notice, seem to enjoy acting like trolls. Shit supports shit, I guess.

Speaking of shit, I am tired of most peoples internet behavior. I recently allowed some new people to add me on my social media, and I was quickly reminded why I don’t like most people on social media. Some people are barely tolerable in person, but on social media they’re repulsive! This is really making me look inward, making sure I am more aware of my own actions so I am not seen in this kind of light by others.

One thing I will mention is there are some people I know who have an amazing aura and give off light. They are kind, possess a quiet confidence, they have the ability to share their warmth with others, and they don’t carry themselves egocentrically. I always have respect for people like this and I strive to be that kind of person. When I get annoyed by other peoples personalities, I need to be aware of my own personality and be 100% sure I don’t come off that way.

For example, it’s pretty annoying when people try too hard to project certain images of themselves for others to see. It’s super obvious and a total example of insecurity.

“I want every one to think I am a tough-ass/bad bitch. So therefore, I am going to post a bunch of quotes, images, and related topics so everyone realizes I have this kind of attitude. Being a sarcastic asshole helps build this persona, so I need to put that out there, too. Fuck around and find out lol!”

This is literally what these people think. And it’s so obvious. Every thing is a fucking flex. Everything is for a pat on the back. Everything is for validation. Everything is a chance to upstage others. As annoying as I find this, I will actively be aware that I don’t come off like this. I just need to exist and act. No need to share myself under the best light in excess.

I think I need to unplug myself a little. Or maybe navigate myself towards those people who give off light and learn from their ways.


4 Signs That Someone Is Probably Insecure

4 Signs That Someone Is Probably Insecure

I think we’ve all spent time around people with this behavior before. Its best to know the signs that way you can back away and protect your precious energies. Don’t give these kinds of people an audience if their moment of glory will be at your expense.