One week.

So it’s official, I start my new job in one week from today. On Monday. My last day at my current job is this Thursday. I’m ready for it, but I believe I will feel a little sad when the day comes. I’ve been there for so long, I suppose it’s only natural. One of my managers asked me if I would still be interested in doing some side work for them. I’m not opposed to it so she’s keeping me on their payroll.

As for the new job, I passed my background check and my drug test, got the official paperwork signed, and now I start on Monday. Little by little, I have been buying cheap pieces of clothing from the thrift store to somehow create a business casual wardrobe. My favorite outfits to wear are black tank tops and leggings, or maybe a band T-shirt made into a tank top. but I definitely don’t wear a lot of different colors and dress professional. But this time I’m going to, I’m going to fit in with the professional office people. I don’t want them to know anything about my life outside of work. Over the years I found out it’s best that to just stay incognito. Especially if I happen to be working around gossipy nosy people. I hate that. But yes, I’ll definitely be working more on this office wardrobe thing.

One of my favorite people at work, the lady I work in accounting with, bought me this purse as a gift since I’m leaving. It’s definitely not my style and the print is kind of tacky, but I’m definitely going to use it at my new job to go along with my weird style office clothes that’s not anything I’d normally wear.

Between my last day of work in my first day of work, there’s an entire weekend. We are driving to Utah! There’s a roller coaster park over there that is open and practicing social distancing and wearing masks and such. There’s a campground instead of a hotel so we are going to drive over there and have a time. We’re heading back home on Sunday and that’s going to be a very long drive. I hope I get enough sleep before Monday morning because I don’t want to go to work tired.

Coaster Count

coaster count

I have been coaxed into creating a coaster count account.

I’m going to Knotts Berry Farm this weekend, and I haven’t been there in like 20 years, so there will be new coasters for me to try. I’m going to get my 100th coaster! I wonder which it will be! I wish I could say it would be an epic coaster, but I don’t think there is an epic one there. I’ve taken a huge liking to giga-coasters!


Vacation was fun! It was very hot and humid, and we even had some thunderstorms and rain later on during the week, but it was fun!

We started at the Six Flags in New Jersey, there were some pretty great rides there. It’s a pretty decent sized park! Some of the rides that stood out to me were Nitro, El Toro, and Kingda Ka. I was telling myself I wasn’t going to go on Kingda Ka because of the height and the speed of the launch, but of course my guy was going to coax me. It was our first day really being out in the east coast humidity and heat. It was crappy but it broke us in for the rest of the week.


We went to Six Flags in Maryland the following day. There wasn’t that many people there and there was pretty much no lines. There wasn’t too many rides there. Today is September 8th, however, and it’s the last day the coaster Apocalypse will run, forever. We could tell it was an old coaster and it’s time for it to retire, but it was nice to try it out at least once.


I would have to say our favorite ride from this park was Superman. I have been on different versions of Six Flags Superman rides, and this one was the very best. Nice big coaster, kind of like the Nitro coaster we went on the day before.

The next day we went to Busch Gardens, and that park is beautiful! I enjoyed all the upbeat background music from the different countries. It felt like a fun little fantasy land. There were a lot of great rides there. The food was also great! I really loved Invadr, Alpengeist, Apollo’s Chariot, Verbolten, and Griffon! We went on Griffon three times, and then there was a sudden change in weather. Thunderstorms showed up. There was announcements that the rides would resume as soon as things were safe. We wandered around a bit and and waited, and ultimately decided to call it a day. We were happy to have gone on every ride except for the virtual reality one.

We really enjoyed Busch Gardens and wish we could have stayed a few hours more, but weren’t sure the rides would start again and plus we had over an hour drive to get back to our hotel. One thing we were stressing on was the weather forecast for Friday, the day we planned to spend at King’s Dominion. It was supposed to be thunderstorms all day! There was even rain planned! We didn’t wait that to ruin our park visit, especially since our hotel was across the street from the park. But we woke up the next day and checked the weather…only cloudy skies! It was just perfect! It was still hot but there was less sun, so it was nice.

King’s Dominion was another great park! I liked Flight of Fear because it was a neat indoor coaster. I also liked Twisted Timbers because it has the same wooden coaster/twisted steel track like Discovery Kingdom’s Joker or Magic Mountains Twisted Colossus. That style of coaster is one of my favorites right now. Twisted Timbers wasn’t better than either of those two, but I did like the upside down twist on the first drop!

I would have to say the greatest coaster there is Intimidator 305. My guy was hyping it up so hard, so I knew it was going to be extraordinary. He seemed nervous to ride it, so of course that made me feel anxious. It’s a pretty extreme ride, and the most intense moment is the first drop, followed by this big curve, where the g-force hits you. I saw black and got disoriented for a moment, it was that insane. I have never greyed out on a ride before! After that moment passed, I saw stars and things went back to normal. But I was caught off guard by that. My guy experienced pretty much the same thing. We went on it three more times after that, even riding in the front. I greyed out each time, but not as bad as the first time.


We stayed at the park all day and got our fill. The next day was a coasterless day. We went to visit the tomb of an unknown soldier, the botanical garden by the nations capitol, got rained on, visited an art museum.


We flew back home on Sunday. I almost finished the last book I was reading during the long flight home. We were happy to be back home to regroup with our animals and the dry the dry heat and dry clothes. But we are already planning our next coaster trip.




Vacations begins in less than 24 hours!

One more work shift and the weekend begins…and the beginning of my vacation! We have the weekend to clean and pack, then we get the plane early Monday and fly to the east coast! Next week we will go to four roller coaster parks in four days! Ones that we’ve never been to! Two differed Six Flags, Busch Gardens, and Kings Dominion!

We are going to be doing a whole lot of walking and it’s supposed to be very hot. I am not looking forward to the heat there. But I am looking forward to fun times and taking a lot of pictures.

I am a bit concerned about my back, though. If I could describe the problem I am having, I’d say my arthritis is acting up again, and it’s affecting my lower back in my hip area. It’s so annoying. I haven’t even been going to the gym because if it. I can’t even get comfortable in normal positions lately. I just started taking some Naproxen, so let’s see if that helps!