Haywire hormones

For the first time in my life, my monthly cycle has flipped the fuck out. This blog entry isn’t for everyone, and it might not be for anyone. So you can stop reading now, unless 40something year old women’s health is of interest.

I’ve only been “late” once in my life. I was nine days late in my early 20s. It was the only time in my life that I thought I was possibly pregnant, but I test proved I was not, and then my cycle came and confirmed it. But my cycle shows up every four weeks, maybe a bit early. It’s been regular, even after I lost an ovary in 2018. But my last cycle was in November and completely skipped December. That has never happened so it caught my attention and I figured something is definitely happening or something changed. My doctor suggested lab work, but the tests came back normal. I messaged her, asking what I should make of it, and she suggested I contact my gynecologist. But before I could do that, I noticed light spotting. Nothing major, just a tinge. It went on for about five days. A peach or raisin colored tinge.

I was like, “So, is it coming or going, or what’s going on here?” But then on the 6th day, there was normal blood. I figured all of that tinge shit I had seen for almost a week was just things trying to happen until it finally did. And the next two days were horribly heavy and crampy. And I felt absolutely crabby and on edge. Things simmered down after that, and even looked as if it was going to go away entirely, but it’s still lingering around. So altogether, my cycle has lasted twelve days now. Barely there, heavy, or regular, but twelve fucking days. What the fuck is happening? This isn’t normal for me. And I am pretty damn grouchy. I still have some lingering cramps. I feel gross. I haven’t been to the gym in a week.

Last time I went to the gym, I tweaked my lower back out. It hurt for a few days, but I think it is better now. My knee still hurts on and off every day. I should return to the gym soon now that my cycle is simmering down. Hopefully it will go the fuck away soon. I’ve never felt so grouchy and hormonal in all my life. I have such a consistent mood and am completely thrown off my how off my mood has been lately. This is a major source of stress that is adding to the stress of everything else right now. What I need is for my cycle to go away, get back to the gym to blow some steam, and continue to hide at home and amuse myself with relaxing things. And I definitely need to reach out to my gynecologist and let her know what’s been going on and get her opinion.