Wet Stick


I had been wanting to get a Monstera Albo Borsigiana for a while now, but they are so expensive. Yes, they’re very pretty plants, but it’s ridiculous how much they cost. I wouldn’t even know where to purchase one outside of eBay. And I’ve spent plenty of time browsing eBay for a good deal, but I’ve never seen anything to warrant spending over $100 on a plant. And I’m talking $100 for a tiny piece.

I saw someone selling tiny pieces of a stem with one or two routes and some dark looking nodes. The highest bid was around $50 with a couple days left. I decided to bet $100, figuring there could be a chance people give up and I would be able to win it for less. I was wrong. The bids increased within the last hour and someone outbid me. But of course my stupid ass went and outbid them so I ended up winning it for $120. $120 for a little stem. I didn’t feel too great about that, but was full of hope I could grow it into a nice plant.

The day after I won the bet, I was looking around on YouTube and saw a video about how people scam others on eBay by selling insignificant pieces of this plant. And then they mentioned “wet sticks”, which is pretty much what is in this picture. I was like, “Great, I wasted money.” But I’ve also seen things about people growing roots and leaves successfully. So I bought some sphagnum moss and perlite and decided to watch videos and read info to see what I could so with the wet stick.

The wet stick was delivered May 30th, and I had it in sphagnum moss, but feared the roots might rot, so I’ve had it in perlite. It’s been in a sunny window, and most days I will set inside of a gallon zip-lock bag to let it get humid, but I will air it out in the evening. The picture with the new little roots was taken a couple days ago. I have mixed thoughts about how much water I should add to the perlite because I want it to have enough water, but I don’t want any rot. I will update soon, hopefully with some good news.